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* Use the acap nearest neighbors implementationHEADmasterTavian Barnes2020-06-2412-1207/+338
* Fix some clippy lintsTavian Barnes2020-05-1111-15/+68
* metric/forest: Use a flat staging buffer to reduce tree building overheadTavian Barnes2020-05-092-38/+53
* Allow specifying each channel's bit depth separatelyTavian Barnes2020-05-082-20/+39
* metric: Relax Distances to have only a partial orderTavian Barnes2020-05-053-33/+24
* main: Improve error handlingTavian Barnes2020-05-051-18/+83
* main: Update the help messageTavian Barnes2020-05-041-2/+4
* main: Implement the main binaryrustTavian Barnes2020-05-031-1/+396
* frontier/mean: Implement mean selectionTavian Barnes2020-05-032-0/+141
* frontier/min: Implement min selectionTavian Barnes2020-05-032-0/+211
* frontier/image: Implement image frontiersTavian Barnes2020-05-032-1/+144
* frontier: New trait for choosing color locationsTavian Barnes2020-05-032-0/+19
* color/order: Implement color orderingsTavian Barnes2020-05-034-0/+334
* color/source: Implement color sourcesTavian Barnes2020-05-032-0/+78
* color: Implement color spacesTavian Barnes2020-05-032-0/+283
* metric/approx: Implement approximate nearest neighbor searchTavian Barnes2020-05-032-0/+132
* metric/soft: Implement soft deletesTavian Barnes2020-05-032-0/+283
* metric/forest: Optimize bulk insertionTavian Barnes2020-05-031-20/+27
* metric/forest: Implement dynamized forestsTavian Barnes2020-05-022-0/+153
* metric/kd: Flatten the tree representationTavian Barnes2020-05-021-59/+54
* metric/vp: Flatten the tree representationTavian Barnes2020-05-021-82/+51
* metric/kd: Prune k-d tree searches more aggressivelyTavian Barnes2020-05-021-51/+65
* metric/kd: Implement k-d treesTavian Barnes2020-05-022-0/+218
* metric/vp: Implement vantage-point treesTavian Barnes2020-05-022-0/+170
* metric: Add some general interfaces for metric spacesTavian Barnes2020-05-022-0/+533
* Begin re-writing in RustTavian Barnes2020-05-011-0/+1