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* Fix perror() strings in tests.Tavian Barnes2010-03-046-6/+6
* Make the API not suck.Tavian Barnes2010-03-036-17/+11
* New sandglass_bench_noprecache() test.Tavian Barnes2009-10-232-1/+60
* New sandglass_bench_* macros, remove SANDGLASS_REALTICKS.Tavian Barnes2009-10-232-150/+2
* Show more accuracy in output of tests.Tavian Barnes2009-09-215-6/+6
* Make SANDGLASS_REALTICKS accurate to 1 clock cycle.Tavian Barnes2009-09-201-3/+3
* Use .11111s instead of .1s in tests to illustrate precision.Tavian Barnes2009-09-205-5/+5
* Don't change the `ts' parameter in sandglass_spin.Tavian Barnes2009-09-205-30/+10
* Add more tests.Tavian Barnes2009-09-205-1/+213
* Add timespec helper routines.Tavian Barnes2009-09-181-11/+10
* Rename test.Tavian Barnes2009-09-172-10/+5
* Begin libsandglass implementation.Tavian Barnes2009-09-172-1/+28
* Add test suite.Tavian Barnes2009-09-173-0/+202