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* Modularize the libdimension codebase.Tavian Barnes2015-10-251-162/+0
* objects: Implement smooth triangle fans.Tavian Barnes2014-06-081-3/+3
* Use // comments when possible.Tavian Barnes2014-06-071-15/+13
* objects: Implement triangle fans.Tavian Barnes2014-06-071-1/+1
* objects: Refactor how bounding and initialization work.Tavian Barnes2014-06-071-5/+17
* objects: Use a vtable to shrink object structs.Tavian Barnes2014-06-061-4/+14
* object: Kill pool parameter to dmnsn_init_object().Tavian Barnes2014-06-061-1/+1
* triangles: Use a different implementation for flat and smooth triangles.Tavian Barnes2014-06-041-37/+67
* triangles: Don't forget to transform normals.Tavian Barnes2014-06-041-14/+16
* triangles: Better API.Tavian Barnes2014-06-041-23/+19
* object: Use pool.Tavian Barnes2014-05-311-5/+6
* Coding style fixes.Tavian Barnes2014-05-261-7/+8
* object: Get rid of void *ptr field.Tavian Barnes2014-05-261-20/+20
* triangle: Make intersections simpler and faster with a change of basis.Tavian Barnes2014-05-221-15/+22
* malloc: New DMNSN_MALLOC() macro to save a sizeof().Tavian Barnes2014-05-061-3/+2
* Make triangles smooth.Tavian Barnes2011-12-171-4/+30
* Update copyright years.Tavian Barnes2011-08-311-1/+1
* Support multiple texture assignment properly.Tavian Barnes2011-07-261-5/+2
* Implement triangles.Tavian Barnes2011-07-131-0/+83