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* [WIP] bftw: Push all files onto the queue before visiting themqueue-filesTavian Barnes2019-04-204-186/+131
* bftw: Don't store trailing slashes in bftw_file namesTavian Barnes2019-04-071-26/+23
* bftw: Rename bftw_dir to bftw_fileTavian Barnes2019-04-071-199/+198
* tests: Fix color NUL byte test on platforms where sort expects textTavian Barnes2019-03-283-1/+17
* color: Implement ln=targetTavian Barnes2019-03-283-18/+82
* color: Implement escape sequence parsingTavian Barnes2019-03-284-196/+426
* dstring: Add a dstrdup() functionTavian Barnes2019-03-272-6/+23
* trie: Store void* values rather than const void*Tavian Barnes2019-03-274-5/+5
* opt: Optimize redundant comma expressionsTavian Barnes2019-03-214-5/+21
* tests: Respond to terminal resizesTavian Barnes2019-03-211-3/+9
* tests: Make the output more colorful and nicerTavian Barnes2019-03-201-18/+16
* opt: Replace -a -false/-o -true with -not when possibleTavian Barnes2019-03-203-0/+25
* tests: Add utilities for comparing colors to lsTavian Barnes2019-03-193-1/+93
* tests: Use archive extensions for color testsTavian Barnes2019-03-1726-6/+82
* color: Match the behaviour of GNU ls more closelyTavian Barnes2019-03-1727-51/+289
* main: Add pointer to trie.[ch]Tavian Barnes2019-03-171-0/+1
* README: Reorganize it a bitTavian Barnes2019-03-081-15/+27
* tests: Add a test for extension overridesTavian Barnes2019-03-073-0/+44
* eval: Fix -unique with -depthTavian Barnes2019-03-074-1/+33
* bftw: Work around d_type being wrong for bind mounts on LinuxTavian Barnes2019-03-068-43/+121
* bftw: Switch from taking separate parameters to a parameters structTavian Barnes2019-03-063-30/+50
* parse: Use a trie to hold currently open filesTavian Barnes2019-03-065-31/+37
* mtab: Fix implementation for all platformsTavian Barnes2019-03-061-14/+7
* mtab: Replace the linked list of file system types with a trieTavian Barnes2019-03-061-44/+24
* trie: Add a function to get an arbitrary leafTavian Barnes2019-03-062-0/+14
* trie: Fix jump node offsetsTavian Barnes2019-03-061-1/+1
* trie: Minor optimizationTavian Barnes2019-03-051-7/+6
* color: Use a trie to store file extension colorsTavian Barnes2019-03-041-48/+82
* trie: Implement prefix/postfix searchTavian Barnes2019-03-042-0/+106
* trie: Implement removalTavian Barnes2019-03-042-0/+150
* trie: Revamp the API to support mappingsTavian Barnes2019-03-043-169/+127
* Implement -uniqueTavian Barnes2019-03-018-3/+95
* trie: Implement a QP trieTavian Barnes2019-03-013-0/+661
* tests: Add a test for symlink coloring to a deviceTavian Barnes2019-02-1813-1/+34
* parse: Wrap -help output at 80 charsTavian Barnes2019-02-131-3/+4
* Fix missing color escape ($) in the -help outputTavian Barnes2019-02-121-1/+1
* Release Barnes2019-02-103-2/+16
* Add some documentation commentsTavian Barnes2019-02-0921-1/+159
* tests: Add tests for -no{group,user} under fd pressureTavian Barnes2019-02-073-0/+16
* Turn on -Wstrict-prototypesTavian Barnes2019-02-064-4/+4
* Re-write the help/manpageTavian Barnes2019-02-062-503/+402
* parse: Treat -d as a flag, not an optionTavian Barnes2019-02-061-2/+2
* parse: Add support for whiteouts in -type/-xtypeTavian Barnes2019-02-061-0/+4
* Fix -nouser/-nogroup error handlingTavian Barnes2019-02-062-2/+22
* opt: Optimize -samefile together with -inumTavian Barnes2019-02-041-0/+9
* Merge branch 'improvements'Tavian Barnes2019-02-0128-212/+594
| * util: Remove some unused macrosTavian Barnes2019-02-011-12/+0
| * opt: Apply data flow optimizations to more numeric rangesTavian Barnes2019-02-011-79/+208
| * parse: Remove the recommendation to check find -help or man findTavian Barnes2019-02-011-6/+3
| * tests: New utility for making and testing socket filesTavian Barnes2019-02-0115-13/+156