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Makefile: Split build into bin and obj directories
This also moves the main binary from ./bfs to ./bin/bfs, and ./ to ./tests/, with the goal of keeping the repository root clean.
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@@ -113,24 +113,24 @@ Most of them are *snapshot tests* which compare `bfs`'s output to a known-good c
You can pass the name of a particular test case (or a few) to run just those tests.
For example:
- $ ./ test_basic
+ $ ./tests/ test_basic
If you need to update the reference snapshot, pass `--update`.
It can be handy to generate the snapshot with a different `find` implementation to ensure the output is correct, for example:
- $ ./ test_basic --bfs=find --update
+ $ ./tests/ test_basic --bfs=find --update
But keep in mind, other `find` implementations may not be correct.
To my knowledge, no other implementation passes even the POSIX-compatible subset of the tests:
- $ ./ --bfs=find --posix
+ $ ./tests/ --bfs=find --posix
tests passed: 89
tests failed: 5
- $ ./ --help
+ $ ./tests/ --help
for more details.
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@@ -43,5 +43,5 @@ function test_something() {
`basic` is one of the directory trees generated for test cases; others include `links`, `loops`, `deep`, and `rainbow`.
-Run `./ test_something --update` to generate the reference snapshot (and don't forget to `git add` it).
+Run `./tests/ test_something --update` to generate the reference snapshot (and don't forget to `git add` it).
Finally, add the test case to one of the arrays `posix_tests`, `bsd_tests`, `gnu_tests`, or `bfs_tests`, depending on which `find` implementations it should be compatible with.
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@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@ $ bfs
@@ -81,11 +80,11 @@ There are other operators like `-or`:
$ bfs -name '*.md' -or -name '*.sh'