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Don't call stat() just to determine symbolic lengths
The new bftw_cached_stat() helper gets us stat info if we already have it, but doesn't call stat() if we don't. In that case we just take a guess for the initial length to readlinkat(). This lets us avoid stat() entirely in many cases for -lname and -printf %l.
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diff --git a/bftw.h b/bftw.h
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--- a/bftw.h
+++ b/bftw.h
@@ -131,6 +131,19 @@ struct BFTW {
const struct bfs_stat *bftw_stat(const struct BFTW *ftwbuf, enum bfs_stat_flag flags);
+ * Get bfs_stat() info for a file encountered during bftw(), if it has already
+ * been cached.
+ *
+ * @param ftwbuf
+ * bftw() data for the file to stat.
+ * @param flags
+ * flags for bfs_stat(). Pass ftwbuf->stat_flags for the default flags.
+ * @return
+ * A pointer to a bfs_stat() buffer, or NULL if no stat info is cached.
+ */
+const struct bfs_stat *bftw_cached_stat(const struct BFTW *ftwbuf, enum bfs_stat_flag flags);
* Get the type of a file encountered during bftw(), with flags controlling
* whether to follow links. This function will avoid calling bfs_stat() if
* possible.