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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 array.hSimple dynamic arrays
 cameras.hPre-defined camera types
 canvas.hA canvas which is rendered to
 compiler.hCompiler abstractions
 csg.hConstructive solid geometry
 dictionary.hSimple associative arrays
 error.hError reporting interface
 finish.hObject finishes
 finishes.hPre-defined finishes
 future.hAn interface for asynchronous tasks
 geometry.hCore geometric types like vectors, matricies, and rays
 gl.hOpenGL export/import of canvases
 interior.hObject interiors
 lights.hPre-defined light types
 malloc.hDynamic memory
 map.hGeneric maps (backend for pigment_maps, etc.)
 objects.hPre-defined objects
 patterns.hPre-defined patterns
 pigment.hObject pigments
 pigments.hPre-defined pigments
 png.hPNG import/export of canvases
 polynomial.hUtility functions for working with and numerically solving polynomials
 pool.hMemory pools
 ray_trace.hRay-trace a scene
 scene.hEntire scenes
 tcolor.hColors with transparency information
 texture.hObject textures
 timer.hA platform-agnostic timer abstraction
 dimension.hThe main #include file for libdimension