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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Cdmnsn_ambientAmbient finish component
 Cdmnsn_arrayDynamic array type
 Cdmnsn_bounding_boxAn axis-aligned bounding box (AABB)
 Cdmnsn_cameraA camera
 Cdmnsn_canvasA canvas, or image
 Cdmnsn_canvas_optimizerCanvas optimizer
 Cdmnsn_colorA color value
 Cdmnsn_diffuseDiffuse finish component
 Cdmnsn_finishA finish
 Cdmnsn_interiorAn interior
 Cdmnsn_intersectionA type to represent a ray-object intersection
 Cdmnsn_lightA light
 Cdmnsn_lineA line, or ray
 Cdmnsn_matrixA 4x4 affine transformation matrix, with implied [0 0 0 1] bottom row
 Cdmnsn_objectAn object
 Cdmnsn_object_vtableObject callbacks
 Cdmnsn_patternA pattern
 Cdmnsn_pigmentA pigment
 Cdmnsn_reflectionThe reflection component
 Cdmnsn_sceneAn entire scene
 Cdmnsn_specularSpecular finish component
 Cdmnsn_tcolorA transparent color
 Cdmnsn_textureA complete texture
 Cdmnsn_timerA platform-agnotic timer
 Cdmnsn_vectorA vector in 3 dimensions