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* tests: POSIX doesn't *require* -ok ... {} + to be unsupportedHEADmainTavian Barnes2022-09-181-2/+11
* tests: Don't pass NUL bytes to sortTavian Barnes2022-07-181-5/+11
* tests: Limit path lengths passed to mkdirTavian Barnes2022-07-131-4/+7
* tests: Set colors to the empty string for non-ttysTavian Barnes2022-07-131-0/+9
* tests: Use set -uTavian Barnes2022-07-131-2/+2
* tests: Optimize startupTavian Barnes2022-07-131-14/+14
* tests: Add tests for parsing failures in more locationsTavian Barnes2022-07-131-0/+15
* tests: New test for -exec with unset $PATHTavian Barnes2022-07-121-0/+11
* tests: Simplify snapshot testing without bfs_diffTavian Barnes2022-07-121-102/+51
* tests: Add a test for every printf directiveTavian Barnes2022-06-011-0/+13
* tests: Add tests for -warn/-nowarnTavian Barnes2022-05-291-0/+13
* tests: Don't print test names to non-ttys without --verbose=testsTavian Barnes2022-05-201-6/+15
* Makefile: Add a BUILDDIR variable for out-of-tree buildsTavian Barnes2022-05-201-1/+6
* Makefile: Split build into bin and obj directoriesTavian Barnes2022-05-161-0/+3433