BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cloneWIPTavian Barnes4 years
coveritytravis: Run Coverity ScanTavian Barnes6 years
gh-pagesMake animation.svg a symlink to fix README in old commitsTavian Barnes5 months
mainlist: New helper macros for converting entries to itemsTavian Barnes25 hours
queue-files[WIP] bftw: Push all files onto the queue before visiting themTavian Barnes4 years
single-fileMerge everything into one fileTavian Barnes4 years
2.6.3bfs-2.6.3.tar.xz  Tavian Barnes8 weeks
2.6.2bfs-2.6.2.tar.xz  Tavian Barnes5 months
2.6.1bfs-2.6.1.tar.xz  Tavian Barnes9 months
2.6bfs-2.6.tar.xz  Tavian Barnes10 months
2.5bfs-2.5.tar.xz  Tavian Barnes12 months
2.4.1bfs-2.4.1.tar.xz  Tavian Barnes13 months
2.4bfs-2.4.tar.xz  Tavian Barnes13 months
2.3.1bfs-2.3.1.tar.xz  Tavian Barnes14 months
2.3bfs-2.3.tar.xz  Tavian Barnes16 months
2.2.1bfs-2.2.1.tar.xz  Tavian Barnes22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-04-24Release 1.01.0Tavian Barnes12-11/+42
2017-04-23Implement -fstypeTavian Barnes10-7/+319
2017-04-16Make -help output prettier and more completeTavian Barnes2-50/+260 Allow individual tests to be specified on the command lineTavian Barnes1-10/+16
2017-04-16Implement -XTavian Barnes7-0/+51
2017-04-16tests: Add tests for bfs extensions to -exec ... +Tavian Barnes3-0/+22
2017-04-15exec: Interpret ARG_MAX corretly.Tavian Barnes2-34/+117
2017-04-15exec: close() the working directory even if !ftwbufTavian Barnes1-1/+1
2017-04-15Implement -exec/-execdir ... +Tavian Barnes10-227/+618
2017-04-13util.h: Don't use a forward reference to enum bftw_typeflagTavian Barnes1-0/+1