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* kd: Implement k-d treesTavian Barnes2020-06-243-0/+365
* vp: Implement flat VP treesTavian Barnes2020-06-242-2/+189
* vp: Implement vantage-point treesTavian Barnes2020-06-243-0/+380
* util: Add a wrapper to implement Ord on top of PartialOrdTavian Barnes2020-06-242-0/+56
* benches: Add criterion benchmarksTavian Barnes2020-06-242-0/+71
* exhaustive: Implement an exhaustive search indexTavian Barnes2020-06-243-0/+122
* lib: Add NearestNeighbors traitTavian Barnes2020-06-241-0/+377
* euclid: Implement Euclidean distanceTavian Barnes2020-06-242-0/+392
* coords: Implement coordinate spacesTavian Barnes2020-06-242-0/+115
* distance: Implement abstract distances, proximities, metricsTavian Barnes2020-06-243-0/+108
* travis: Do continuous integrationTavian Barnes2020-06-241-0/+11
* Initialize a new projectTavian Barnes2020-06-244-0/+44