Tavian Barnes

If you've been here before, you've probably noticed that this site has gotten a little makeover recently. The old Wordpress site has been replaced with this new one, a static site generated by mdBook. I ported over most of the content, and tried to avoid breaking any links. If I missed anything, let me know! I did use the opportunity to clean up a few old posts I felt weren't accurate or useful any more.

Actually, it's the "let me know" part that made me drag my feet on this for so long. The one disadvantage to static sites is there's no straightforward way to handle comments. But honestly, the old comment system didn't work great either. There were no push notifications in either direction, so it was hard to have a back and forth conversation. My new approach to comments is simple: send them to me on social media, e.g. on Twitter. I'll edit in any relevant conversations. That should scale fairly well for now.

The source code to this site is on GitHub as well. Feel free to use the issues tab to ask questions or report mistakes, or better yet, send a PR to fix them :)